Learning outside the classroom

Typical Programme for a 5 day education visit

Day1 Day 2 Day 3 Day4 Day 5
Arrive Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast

Settling in*
Picture Trail

Crate Stacking* Abseiling* Mapping~ Go Karting~
Capture the flag* Sledging~ Orienteering~ Backwoods Cooking* Conservation*
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Team Building Human Football~ Tree Identifiction~ Tree Survey~ Depature
Climbing* Sun Dial~ Archery* Bouldering~  
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner  
Blind Trial~ Bat Watching~ Star Gazing~ Campfire*  

* Activities which require an instructor
~ Acitivies which are self lead which include full instructions on how to run the session.

The above activities aim to encourage team work, with an emphasis on co-operation, trust, respect, confidence, support of each other physically and emotionaly, participating and making friends.  The activities also encourage responsible conduct, self reliance, practical skills, knowledge of outdoor sports, adhering to rules  and guidlines, exciting physical activity and dealing with challening situations.  The activities can be taylored to your needs and the age group. The programme is flexible to accomodate a single afternoon visit or multiday vist and can be adjusted to your needs.

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